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New Sarah Reference
My OC, and ponysona, Sarah. I know it's considered a girl's name, but I originally intended for this pony to be male. If you draw him, use whatever gender you prefer.
Redraw of picture by :iconslightlyshade:
  A Taste For Apples
  This fic is verry cringy romance about my OC and Applebloom. Please do not read unless you have taken measures to counter-act the cringe. I am
  not responsible for any brain-damage that you may experience while reading this. This is still canon though, I don't break any rules. Except for
  maybe the part where Applejack is Applebloom's mother, that's just a theory and hasn't been proved wrong or right yet to my knowledge.
  An updated reference for my OC will come soon because the last one was also cringy.
    Chapter 1
  I've always had a crush on Applebloom. I had seen Applebloom in school before, but she was always with her friends, so I was afraid to talk to her.  
I never wanted the attention from her friends that would be a give-away that I liked her. I figured maybe we would talk when the time was right any ways.
Ponyville was a small, not very populous town. There were nearby forests, lakes, rolling hills, plains, and farms. Sweet Apple Acres was the closest farm.

  The Autumn season brought vibrant red colour to the leaves. A colour that complimented Applebloom's mane beautifully. I went to the centre of Ponyville
that evening to get more ginger from the market, for making gingerbread of course. It wasn't until I was on my way home when I passed the farmers market,
and saw her. Applebloom was surely enough, selling apples with her mother, Applejack. I looked in my brown shopping bag to try and find some bits that I
had leftover from going to the store. I counted my spare change and approached her.

  "Would you like to buy some apples?" she asked

  "Yes please" I replied.

  I handed her the last of my bits and she gave me a bag of several red apples.
  "Thanks, Sarah!" She enthusiastically said.
  "Any-time" I replied. "H-Hey Applebloom," I stuttered. "Would you like to go get a milkshake with me tomorrow?" She blushed as I finished asking my

  "Sure" she said enthusiastically but nervously.
  I knew tomorrow was going to be a good day. I was giddy and excited, like a filly on Hearth's Warming Eve, but I fell asleep knowing the day would come sooner.
Zon3dy Art Trade (Still not Finished?)
OC belongs to me. My end of an art trade
For use by :iconzups5:
It took a while to upload, really sorry for keeping you awake.
Grey Heart
I drew my friend's OC, Grey Heart. Here's her dA:
Hope you like how I drew her! I've never seen her tail before, so I hope you don't mind my design.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I started drawing on my birthday on 2017, and I aim to get better and build a community with every picture I draw. Most of the artists in the brony community, at least the popular ones are arrogant, selfish, capitalist pieces of trash who claim they care about their fans, but don't. I am not like this, I will reply to anyone who messages me, and encourage you to message me! I am here to build a community.
Here is my VK:
I literally am loneliest pony in the world please message me.


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